Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Green Public Space

What is Green Public Space?

When I first think about green public space, I immediately start to think in terms of the physical space of green in an urban city landscape. I think of the trees planted within the cement sidewalk and the patches of grass here and there. In terms of Philadelphia and green public space, I think of the undeveloped lots that lay around West Philadelphia and the random green parks placed within the city. That idea also brings up the topic of regulated and unregulated green public space. For one side, you have the lots between houses that most likely have not been touched by a human (or at least taken care of by a human) in a few months or even years. Then you have the regulated lots that have been taken care of or even cleaned out in order for economic profit (building a new house). On the other hand, you have the regulated parks that are taken care of every other week. These green public spaces encourage social interaction among people. These parks were strategically placed in order to encourage the community to interact with each other.
In a way, green public space can be considered a variety of definitions. To the government, it most likely is defined as a space that can be for recreational or community purposes. To an environmentalist, it could be defined as a place to be reserved. But to the individual, it could be defined as anything they want it to be.

33rd Street between Mt. Vernon St. and Wallace St.
 Manayunk Stairs

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