Monday, November 11, 2013

Facebook Mapping Project

The Facebook Map

When thinking about the mapping project, I attempted to create a map around the waterways within Philadelphia. However, I was having trouble in regards to how exactly to map out the Istanbul student's direction. I then looked to my communications major. Social media has had a huge impact within my major. There are classes dedicated solely on the innovative technological impact social media has had on communications within our society. I have decided to base my map around the social media outlet: Facebook.

Necessary Items:
The only way this map would work is if one or more students could check Facebook on a smart phone. Each student would need to create an account or use a previous account and follow all students listed within each class.

Step 1: Each student from Philadelphia would check into their specific locations on Facebook. For instance, I would check into Rittenhouse Square on my Facebook account as listed below. 

Step 2: In order to get to the next location, I would need to tag the next classmate's name within the status. When they click on the student's name, they will see where the next location will be through the status update.

Along with these status updates, pictures will be attached of a Google Map image of the destination. However, the sidewalks within these images will be deleted in order for the student to get lost within the area. For instance, I've added an image of Lemon Hill Mansion, but have erased the walkways and streets within that map image. I have only left the Schuylkill river and an outline of the where the green edge begins along Pennsylvania Avenue. The student will need to figure out the location of Lemon Hill Mansion by the elements that surround the node. The virtual image will also allow the student to experience a psychogeographic walk through the green public space. Even though they can access a smart phone GPS in order to get to the next direction, I am hoping by including these images it will allow the follower to look at the space in a broader way. Within this map, we would be providing destinations for their journey but not the route. The route would be determined by the student. They can use whatever technological device they would prefer, but it will be their own route. 

I apologize for the poor painting features that were applied to this image!

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